GIMON is equipped with a testing laboratory and a testing centre furnished with the most technologically advanced machines which are able to run the tests required by the international standards, to simulate the real operating conditions and to collect the necessary data in order t to meet and even anticipate our customers' requirements.
GIMON laboratory is provided with an equipment which is regularly calibrated by external agencies as well as with testing benches, MTS testing machine, ETS, Roerhing. The laboratory contains also 3 hydraulic actuators with special software able to perform a complete screening of the shock absorber through cyclical fatigueresistance tests in mono- double or triple frequency on one or more axles. GIMON is proud of having inside its group the company TIVET, an R&D company which studies and verifies innovative and technological projects in the field of absorption systems in order to satisfy all the new needs in the automotive and railway transport’s sector.


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