The vision of a future, that is making astonishing progresses. Let’ s create the new era with the power of commitments and dreams.

GIMON continues to be one of the leader companies in the manufacturing of shock absorbers. Looking back at the past we feel the need of a new energy input. From this wish our company vision takes its origin. These are the ideals we are fighting for, looking at the 75° jubilee of our company and focusing on research & technological innovation, which has always been the central point from GIMON’s origin.We are designing and creating products that assure safety and comfort offering an excellent service in order to provide total customer satisfaction.As a “company of excellence and worth”, in the near future we won’t only look for profit but we will work hard to face our business and civil responsibilities, in order to gain not only our customers trust but also the trust of the whole society, looking forward to be considered an indispensable company.For these reasons one of our responsibilities consists in sending a clear message to the society about our goals and the direction we are headed to. GIMON considers its new company vision a commitment with the society. The whole company staff has already began to move towards a new ideal and a new target.

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