The Company Today

GIMON one of the World’s leader company specialized in the design and production of shock absorbers for industrial and railway vehicles and for special applications. The company has implemented a policy of continual investment in human resources, technological development, marketing and expansion of production facilities.

The company is a major player in the global market with the brand GIMON, which represent a vast range of shock absorbers for primary and secondary suspensions (locomotives and bogies), yaw dampers (both for standard and for high speed trains), inter-car dampers, shock absorbers for pantographs, buses, trams, trucks, trailers, axles, commercial vehicles and for special applications as for example for atomic power plants (earthquake-proof shock absorbers). GIMON shock absorbers are manufactured in standard models or according to the specific customer’s demands, marked by innovative technological and applicative solutions. GIMON operates under a total company and product’s quality assurance program.

Montante family succeeded in capturing the growth opportunity, paying particular attention to the quality of production, to research and to technical innovation.

The main entrepreneurial activity of Montante family has always focused on production of hydraulic, telescopic and gas shock absorbers for the most important Italian and foreigner companies in the fields of original equipment and after market.

Montante companies have become in the last years more and more international, delivering a global market presence and taking part at the most important appointments of the sector all over the world. But as time went by, the style of Montante family hasn’t changed and it proved to be very modern: capacity for hard work focused on results and intentionally without exhibition.

The values considered important are those of a hard and continuous work, of the personal and professional integrity, of the investment in meaningful things such as ethic, responsibility, legality and above all a genuine entrepreneurial culture.


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