Railway Application

GIMON is one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacturing of shock absorbers for railway vehicles. Among our customers you can find the most important manufacturers of railway vehicles, experts and operators in this sector, leasing companies as well as the most important national railways worldwide.Our customers appreciate GIMON shock absorbers for the reliability of its product, the excellent delivery performance, and the after sales service.

GIMON shock absorbers production includes all railway applications:

  • Vertical, horizontal and lateral dampers for primary and secondary suspensions
  • High technological yaw dampers for standard trains and high speed trains
  • Nonlinear dampers for secondary suspensions
  • Inter- cars dampers
  • Electronically controlled dampers
  • Dampers for pantographs

Thanks to a flexible manufacturing system and a wide experience in the realization of different projects, our hallmark is the ability to customize our offer, producing tailor-made products that can meet the most particular and special requirements provided by the customers.
In particular:

  • Dimensional structure (open, close, stroke) with a wide range of solutions, which allow us to meet the customer’s needs according to the specific requests.
  • Upper and lower joints with elastic devices of different shape and products in vulcanised rubber in order to guarantee an excellent durability of the radial and torsional stiffness
  • Functioning tests run in order to verify the damping forces according to the project’s parameters.

Proptech®: the special valve Proptech® grants a linear absorption of dynamic energy and a rapid answer of the valve system. This allows an increase of 30% of the comfort and safety’s standards compared to previous products.

Shock absorber main function is increasing passenger comfort but they also are an important safety element. In order to guarantee reliability and a long working life strict quality controls are made on each single shock absorber, this allowed us to get the UNI-EN ISO 9001:2000 certification while welding processes are made according to EN15085.

GIMON offers a wide range of shock absorbers for pantograph suitable for each kind of need. We regularly run strict laboratory’s tests in order to develop our shock absorbers for pantographs, which have proved to be very appreciated by many companies that rely upon them.


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